Rotterdamsche Oude 55 wk

Rotterdamsche Oude 55 wk

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The Rotterdamsche Oude 55 weeks matured was awarded gold at the Gouda Cheese Awards 2020 and now carries the designation of 'tastiest old Gouda cheese in the Netherlands'. Previously, this cheese was also awarded gold at the World Cheese Championships in Wisconsin. You can expect a pronounced and robust flavor in this 55 week aged cheese. The ripening crystals are clearly visible as white dots in the cheese. These crystals are also called salt crystals and give the familiar round and full flavor. Rotterdamsche Oude 55 weeks is a fantastic cheese to grate and therefore very suitable for the kitchen. Over pasta, a salad or an oven dish. Of course this champion also tastes great on bread or as a cube on the appetizer board.

The right temperature

Eat the Rotterdamsche Oude at room temperature. Then the dairy is creamy and the taste full. Drink our port and wine, on the other hand, slightly chilled at around twelve degrees.


Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, starter culture, animal rennet, preservative: E251, colorant: E160b.

!!!  Cheese is available only at the "DECANTER" store at Bruninieku iela 66, Riga.