Napoléon "Réserve de Castex" 50CL Giboin Cognac

Napoléon "Réserve de Castex" 50CL Giboin Cognac

  • Brand: Giboin
  • Product Code: Napoléon Réserve de Castex
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Cognac Borderies - Blended eaux-de-vie Vintages

Main characteristics

  • Distilled with its own lee + added lees
  • Fine blend of cognacs distilled between 2001 and 2005
  • Dedicated to our ancestor, Général de Castex, who served under Napoléon 1st
  • Made from Ugni-Blanc grape
  • Single barrel Cognac

Tasting flavors: Notes of chocolate, grapes and dried fruit, Subtle balance between the fruity spirit and the oaky cask. Ideal for: Enjoying the afternoon with friends and family, Long evenings around heated discussions.