XO 42° BAS ARMAGNAC Domaine de Laguille

XO 42° BAS ARMAGNAC Domaine de Laguille

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The original Bas Armagnac from Gascogne.

Indicative ageing: Aged at least 10 years in oak barrels. Single cask.

Grape variety:  Ugni Blanc 60%, Bacco 22 A 40%

Alcohol: 42.0%

Determination of the origin of products: Bas Armagnac from Gascogne

Harvest: Mecanical

Eye: Beautiful amber color.

Nose: Powerful nose of prunes, a lot of richness and concentration, aroma of warm bread with a touch of toast and gingerbread. 

Palate: The mouth is smooth, round. The finish is full-bodied with a return of macerated stone fruits. A very well balanced Armagnac.