XO Cognac 1st Cru Grand Champagne Francois Voyer Cognac

XO Cognac 1st Cru Grand Champagne Francois Voyer Cognac

  • Brand: Francois Voyer
  • Product Code: 1st Cru Grand Champagne Cognac
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Grande Champagne Cognac. Made from Ugni-Blanc grape.

The Francois Voyer XO Grand Cru Cognac is an one hundred percent Grande Champagne blend that has been aged beautifully. The eaux-de-vies contained within the blend are aged for three years in younger Limousin oak casks, then are transferred to older barrels in a humid cellar to continue the aging process. Using distillation with lees, the progressive reduction with distilled water is what makes this a fine Cognac. This is a technique that goes hand in hand with Voyer refinement and expertise. The assemblage (blend) of eaux-de-vie in this Cognac are aged between 10 and 25 years old.

Eye: Old golden color.

Nose: Some fruits, vanilla and a balance between oak and more fruits.

Palate: In the mouth, an elegant force, but smooth. A vanilla fragrance and balance between fruit and wood, typical of old Cognacs.