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Granaroma coffee beens 1kg Caffe Vergnano 1882

70% Arabica, 30% RobustaThe perfect blend for those who appreciate the creaminess in a strong coffee, with a rich flavor and spice notes. Vergnano Gran Aroma coffee beans are suitable for those who appreciate the energetic, intense aroma of spicy tones. Coffee aroma is achieved by slowly roasti..


Rombouts Espresso Royal coffee beens 1kg

100% Arabica. Rombouts Espresso Royal consists of selected Arabica coffee beans grown in the mountain plantations of Africa, Central and South America.Thanks to a special blending and slow roasting technique, this coffee is perfect for making traditional espresso. Its taste is full-bodied, soft..


Rombouts MOKKA Prestige coffee beens 1kg

50% Arabica 50% RobustaRombouts Mokka Prestige coffee beans are composed of the selected Arabica beans from Central and South America and Robusta from Indonesia.As a result of traditional slow roasting, the bouquet of flavors unfolds and takes on a rich chocolate flavor.This chocolate flavor is the ..


ROODMERK Rombouts coffee beens 1kg

Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Central America, South America, Indonesia50% Arabica 50% RobustaCoffee beans of medium - dark roasting, which is made in the traditional slow roasting method for 20 minutes, to fully develop the aroma and flavor of coffee beans.Roasting degree: Medium..


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